Rock Creek Vacation During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Taking a trip to Rock Creek, Montana during a pandemic might seem like heaven to some and scary to others. Staying in a vacation home, rather than a hotel where there are other guests, is the best way to go on vacation during these times.

Our cabin is operated as self-check-in and check-out. There is no office; all transactions occur online. Our staff does not come into the cabins during your stay.

Going on vacation and taking a break from the headlines is good for the mind and soul. Providing clean accommodations so guests can enjoy the Rock Creek Valley’s wide-open spaces, sparkling clear waters, and fresh mountain air is our commitment to all. If you decide to visit Rock Creek this year, or if you are concerned about your upcoming trip, we have some ideas for you on how to stay safe.

Montana Phase Two Reopening

Montana moved to Phase Two of reopening Montana on June 1, 2020.

Montana businesses, restaurants, bars, and more are open, often with a reduced capacity. We encourage you to enjoy outdoor recreation and limit your time indoors with groups.

Face Masks Required in Public in Montana

As of July 15, 2020, there is a statewide requirement to wear a mask in indoor public spaces – think grocery stores, fly shops, etc in counties with more than 4 cases. The cabins lie in a county where cases have been very low, however, all services you probably would use during your stay are in Missoula County. So plan to bring a mask.

For dining out, you need to wear a mask in until you are seated and have ordered. If you plan to attend an outdoor concert, masks are required in groups of 50 or more where social distancing is not practical.

At the cabin, on the river, high on a mountain top – masks are not needed. Enjoy the wilderness and the Montana mountain air – just be safe in public.

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Changes to Cleaning Protocol

We take pride in providing sparkling clean accommodations. This season we take it a step further with purposeful disinfecting. Please understand that we will not be able to accommodate early check-ins to allow ample time for our staff to thoroughly clean the cabins.

Providing you with supplies to stay safe

We provide disinfecting wipes for your everyday use. We recommend using them on doorknobs and surfaces after you’ve been in public places. The cabin is also stocked with cleaning supplies which we use to clean the cabin.  And, if you were wondering, we have ample supplies of toilet paper :)

Social distancing on vacation in Montana
Renting a vacation home during the Covid-19 pandemic

What You Can Do To Help

For the safety of our housekeepers, we ask that you remove the sheets from the beds used and put them in the laundry room. Please start a load of towels in the washer before you leave.

Run dishes through the dishwasher and be sure to start the dishwasher before you leave. These small items make a big difference.

If the weather is nice, open a couple of windows for the cabin to air out before our cleaners arrive. And lastly, please check out on time or before to allow our housekeepers time to prepare the cabin for the next guests.

Let Us Know

Please let us know is anyone in your party becomes ill in any way during your stay.

Curb-side Shopping For a Montana Vacation

Curb-side shopping is a great way to avoid crowds and stay safe during a Rock Creek vacation. We’ve compiled a list of places to shop that offer curb-side delivery and food take out.

Take-Out Food

Poor Henry’s

Ekstrom’s Stage Station

Many restaurants in Missoula offer take out too!

Grocery Shopping in Missoula


Missoula Fresh Market


The Good Food Store

Fly Shops – Sporting Goods

Rock Creek Mercantile & Fly Shop

Missoulian Angler

Blackfoot River Outfitters

Sportsman’s Warehouse

Drug Stores


Liquor Stores

Grizzly Liquor

Hardware Stores

Ace Hardware

Vacation to Montana in 2020

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