Rock Creek River Flows

At Clinton, Montana

Rock Creek near the Swinging Bridge at Welcome Creek

Upstream from the Swinging Bridge on Rock Creek

Rock Creek Stream Flows

In spring, river flows tend to be quite low. As the snow and ice melt, flows can fluctuate and trend higher in April. Pre run-off trout fishing can be very good, especially if stream flows rise gradually. River flows can spike following a big rain event or temperatures above 60 degrees and/or nights that do not drop below 32 degrees.


High water, also known as run-off, occurs in May and can last into June. Typically in late- May or June, the water clears. Although it can still be high, clear water is often very fish-able water. The salmonfly hatch occurs in early June and is best fished from a raft.

Summer and Fall

Rock Creek stays clear with a steady but slight decline in the river flows. Seldom affected by Hoot Owl restrictions, Rock Creek enjoys cool water temperatures due to the narrow and tree-lined canyon. In autumn, the cottonwoods along the creek become brilliant yellow; a stunning backdrop for a Montana fly fishing trip.


The creek can be fished in winter. Choose wider sections of the valley where ice does not form. Fish low and slow.