Montana Hunting Trips

Hunting the Rock Creek Valley

Rock Creek is home to an amazing amount of wildlife. Located just a short distance from Missoula, Montana, Rock Creek offers a wilderness hunting experience.

Here you’ll find whitetail deer, mule deer, bighorn sheep, several species of grouse, mountain lions, and elk. Moose inhabit the valley as well as black bear.

The terrain is a mix of rugged mountains, wet draws, and lush, river bottomland create a habitat that supports strong numbers of game.

Hunting Rock Creek near Missoula, Montana
Large Bighorn Ram near Rock Creek

Public Land Access

Access to public land for hunting is just a short distance from the cabins. There are three hunting district nearby.

216 and 210 are our closest and most accessible districts via Brewster Creek. The Brewster Creek draw is within site of the cabins. 216 lies to the south of the road while 210 lies to the north.

204 is located directly across the Creek. The Sawmill Gulch trail provides access into the mountains and is a three-quarter-mile hike up the fisherman’s trail to a river fjord.

See Montana FWP for district specific hunting opportunities.

Hunting Opportunities

Whitetail deer and mule deer thrive in the Rock Creek drainage. Whitetail are commonly seen in the meadows and along the river. The mulies also frequent the river bottom lands but stick to the wilderness areas more.

Ruffed grouse prefer the dense creek bottoms and thick alder growths while the spruce grouse and blue grouse are found in the higher elevations.

Elk perfer the high elevations in the backcountry locations of the John Long and Sapphire Mountains which border the creek. Look for high meadows with thick timber nearby. There are numerous hiking trails maintained by the Forest Service nearby which access the backcountry.

Moose and bighorn sheep are by permit only in these districts.

Check with FWP for current regulations.

Deer hunts and Elk hunts near Missoula Montana
Hunting the John Long Mountains near Rock Creek for Elk
Hunting the Mountains near Missoula Montana for Elk and Deer