Fly Fishing Rock Creek in July

July is a very popular month for fly fishing Rock Creek. And why not? Daylight lasts until 10 pm, lots of bugs hatch on the river in July, and the weather is superb.

By July, generally, the river has shrunk from its swollen, spring self, back into a normal summer flow. Fishing from boats on the river ends June 30, so now Rock Creek is a wader fisherman’s paradise.

While the water temperatures are still cool, I love wade fishing Rock Creek in July and August. The hot summer sun makes up for any discomfort from the cool waters.

Daytime temperature range between 80-90 degrees, humidity is nearly non-existent, and sun is in the forecast just about every day.

Tying on a Fly While Fishing Rock Creek in July
Alex Fly Fishing Rock Creek in July

July Hatches

Like to dry fly fish? Then this is your month!

Golden Stone may still be lingering at the top of the month; but don’t count on it. Pale Morning Duns (PMDs), however, are on the menu all month.

In July, there will be Caddis hatches, Little Yellow Sallies hatches, and lots of terrestrials. Hoppers, ants, and more hoppers.

Toward the end of July, watch for the Spruce Moth hatch. Spruce moths resemble caddis but are a tick bigger and lighter in color – think size 14.

Fly Patterns For July on Rock Creek

  • PMD Dry 16-20
  • Caddis 14-18 Tan
  • BH Flashback Pheasant Tail 14-16
  • Foam Hoppers 8-12 – Varienty of Colors
  • Attractors 10-14
  • Purple Haze 14-18
  • Stimulators 12-16
  • Yellow Sallies 14

Hopper-dropper rigs do the trick when there is not a hatch coming off – have a good selection of hoppers or stimulators along with PMD nymph patterns suck as pheasant tails.

Local fly shops such as the Rock Creek Mercantile or the Missoulian Angler sell these patterns and more.

Rock Creek Fisher Girl - pink

Cabin Availability in July

Often, we book every available night in July through September. We recommend booking 6-12 months is advance for the summers months.

But hey, you never know! Click the link to see our availability, perhaps your favorite cabin is open for your dates!

Sawmill Cabin Exterior

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