Fly Fishing Rock Creek in August

There really is something special about summer in Montana. August is a great month for dry fly fishing, hiking, and just about anything you’d like to do out of doors.

In Missoula, there is some sort of festival going on every weekend. And the summer outdoor concert scene is in full swing. There are several venues in Missoula. If you have plans for an August fly fishing trip to Rock Creek, do yourself a favor and check out Logjam Presents to see if your favorite artist is in town. Their venue on the Blackfoot River at the Kettlehouse Brewery is not to be missed.

Sorry, back to the fishing….

Catching Trout in Rock Creek in August
Jon Howe Fishing Rock Creek in August

August Hatches

Early in the month the Spruce Moth hatch is going strong. Add in caddis and a few lingering Pale Morning Duns (PMDs) and you’ve got some decent dry fly actions.

But it’s the grasshoppers that are the main attracton in August. I can’t stress enough the importance of having a full box of hoppers. Pink bodies, yellow bodies, green bodies and tan bodies. Foam or bullet style – these all look delicious to the trout on Rock Creek.

Towards the end of the month, Tricos add some variety to the trout diet.

Flies For August

  • Hoppers – variety of sizes and colors
  • Purple Haze 14-18
  • Caddis 16
  • Spruce Moth 14
  • BH Flashback Pheasant Tail
  • Tricos
  • Attractors

Tie on a hopper-dropper rig if there is no hatch coming off. The hopper-dropper rig is probably the most effective setup in summer in Montana.

Local fly shops such as the Rock Creek Mercantile or the Missoulian Angler sell these patterns and more.

Rock Creek in August near the Sawmill Cabin
View of Rock Creek in August from Trail 10

August Weather in Montana

So what is the weather like in Montana in August? In a word, delightful. Expect temperatures  to range from 80-90 degrees, perhaps higher.

Do yourself a favor and pick up some wading sandals. Wet wading is the way in August. Drag along waders if you like early and late fishing or if your trip overlaps into early September.

Montana is semi-arid so don’t expect a lot of rain. It is very dry as well. Humidity can dip as low as 12%.

With the hot, dry conditions, forest fires are common in the West. Also, if conditions are severe, Montana puts hoot-owl restrictions on many of the larger rivers. Hoot-owl restriction prohibit fishing after 2 pm. So that means early morning until mid-afternoon fishing, then stopping so as not to stress the fish. With the forest flanking much of Rock Creek, seldom are hoot-owl restrictions place on the Creek but it can happen.

Sunscreen, water, and sun-shielding clothing is a must in August.

Cabin Availability in Summer

We recommend booking your date 6-12 months ahead for best availability. We book nearly every day July through September.

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