Fishing Rock Creek in June

June is one of the best months to fish Rock Creek if you like to catch fish on big flies. Every June is a little different depending on snowpack and runoff.

In early June, plan on floating the river as the creek will be swollen with runoff. Be sure to check in with the local fly shop to learn about any river hazards and to be sure it’s safe to float. Or treat yourself to a guided float on one of Montana’s most beautiful wild streams.

The river clears and drops as June progresses. Use caution while wading the creek at elevated levels and take note of stream flows.

June wade fishing on Rock Creek
June Fishing near the Microburst on Rock Creek

June Hatches

The salmonfly hatch occurs within the first two weeks of the month and is water temperature dependent.

Next up – the golden stone, little yellow sallies, and the pale morning duns. Once the salmonflies appear, the bugs keep popping the rest of the month.

In June you’ll also see caddis, midges, and callibaetis.

June Salmonfly Hatch Video

Flies For June

  • Salmonfly Dry
  • Golden Stone Dry
  • Pat’s Rubberleg Stone
  • San Juan Worm (Powerworm)
  • PMD
  • Emergers
  • CDC Caddis
  • Pheasant Tail Flashback BH

Local fly shops such as the Rock Creek Mercantile or, in Missoula, the Missoulian Angler sell these patterns and more.

Holding a Brown Trout with San Juan Worm in Mouth
June salmonfly fishing on Rock Creek

The Weather

It can snow in June and it can be 90 degrees. Overall, June can be pretty darn nice! Everything is green and the sky is a deep blue.

Bring shorts, bring warm clothes. Bring sun protection.

Wearing waders while fishing is a good idea. The water is still pretty cold from snowmelt. Towards the end of the month, if the water temperature warms enough, you can ditch the waders until September.

About Rock Creek

Rock Creek is a freestone river the runs more than 50 miles, south to north, to join the Clark Fork River just east of Missoula, Montana. A Blue Ribbon Trout Stream, Rock Creek boasts 3000 fish per mile.

Many people come to the creek to fish, however, fly fishing is often the preferred method for angling.

Access along the stream in the Lolo National Forest is unlimited. Outside the National Forest, look for fishing access. There are five fishing accesses in the lower river near the cabins.

June River Flows on Rock Creek